Strange photograph in the Portneuf County, 13 October 2013

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16 Responses

  1. In bas ta page (la photo orange) I `ve analyzed the photo and you really see an entity type that had gorilla leaves a shadow on the ground on the right side.

  2. mo hamster says:

    Hello you say humanoid luminescent ,but this type of camera has an automatic flash in general when no tripping? did you ask the witness if the flash was actually running?

  3. Its says:

    At the,

    According right for you it would have been good to the sources of your street photos with strange creatures and the farm…”because it leads to confusion” since these pictures have no connection with other photos of the luminous entity…they represent the urban legend of Slenderman…and are on the web and no relation Portneuf… for photo with the creature on the sidewalk… for the photo of the farm.

    And the other night street is also on the web, but it would have had to put the page source where it is too..

    Thank you!


  4. Eddy says:

    I do not want any broken your study but on photos of Pierre Rivière we see a jacket collar photographed too close.
    We clearly see the collar with a zipper.
    The kind of sleeveless jacket that door in October.

  5. Chose says:

    Eddy is right. What we see is simply a person who approached the device. We do not see his head, and we see that it carries a light jacket and no zip. What we see is his right arm, shoulder, his chest, to the middle of the body about. He wears a dark sweater.

    And you, “investigators”, seeking extraordinary sensations, you saw there a ”humanoid” !!

    And you rejected “simplistic explanations” a priori !! I think you're irresponsible to strengthen poor people in their wacky beliefs.

    I find it really ridiculous Garpan…

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