Yann VADNAIS (40 years)

Researcher in the history of civilizations and the history of ideas

President of the International society for transdisciplinary studies in ovniology (SIÉTO)
Director of Garpan editions (2015-…)
Director of GARPAN (2012-…)
Event planner (2011-…)

Research work available on Academia.edu : https://ulaval.academia.edu/YannVadnais

Because of my public activities relating to the controversial subject of UFOs, I am best known as a speaker in this field of investigation and research. This Page aims to rectify this characterization of my work to highlight my other achievements as a researcher in ancient history, in the history of literature and in the narratology of testimonies and etiological stories.


History of civilizations and history of literary corpora
History of memory and history of ideas
Testimonies and folk stories, mythological and etiological
History and literature of late antiquity
Greek philosophy
Egyptian civilization
Syriac literature
French literature
European history
Editing of ancient texts

Academic background

Master's student in Ancient Studies (Université Laval)
B.A. Classical and Ancient Studies
(University of Montreal and Laval University)

Intellectual affiliations

2022-… President of the International society for transdisciplinary studies in ovniology (SIÉTO)
2021-… Member of War History Research Group (GRHG)
2020-… Member of the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (SCER)
2016-… Member of Skeptics Quebec

Books to be published

Evagre Ponticus, Christian philosopher and ascetic of the IVand century. To the monks. Out of the eight thoughts. Reflections, presentation and translation by Y. Vadnais, 2023.

Jean Thenaud. Epistle in verse from Charles VIII to Francis Ihe, for Louise de Savoie, presentation, edition and adaptation of the Middle French by Y. Vadnais, 2023.

Conference proceedings New concepts in human and social sciences (29-31 October 2021), edition with…, 2022.

Conferences and speeches in the history of ideas

Conference "A series of Syriac puzzles under the patronage of Aristotle, of Ephrem and Evagra ", Paris (July 2022) :

Conference “The metamorphoses of Louise de Savoie in the works of her protégés F. de Moulins de Rochefort and Jean Thenaud », Montreal (June 2022) :

Conference "The place of the poem The Holy and Trescrestian Kabalah in the work of Jean Thenaud and in the history of the cabala in the Renaissance”, annual conference of the SCER (June 2022) :

Opening speech symposium New concepts in human and social sciences (29-31 October 2021) :

Conference "The dialectic of serendipity and zemblanity", during the conference New concepts in human and social sciencess (29 October 2021) :

Conference "The rediscovery of Jean Thenaud and the place of the & rsquo; Epistle in verse from Charles VIII to Francis I’ in his work ”, during the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Annual Meeting (31 more 2021) :

Conference "Two statues for Thémistios, official philosopher of Constantinople ”, in & rsquo; Université Laval(29 April 2021) :

Conference "The mirage of the obelisks", during the Third Esoteric Congress of Montreal (20 April 2019) :

Conference "The cherubim of John of Apamea and Barhadbeshabba", when Second evening of lectures on the history of memory, in & rsquo; Université Laval (4 more 2018) :

Conference " Mirror, temple, thunder. How to elucidate a theme using the qabala: be surprised, to support, contemplate ", during the Second Esoteric Congress of Montreal (31 March 2018) :

Conference "Thinking about daimons: of The Mysteries to Augustine and Cyril of Alexandria ", when First evening of lectures on the history of memory, in & rsquo; Université Laval (2 March 2018) :

Third part : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWxj26V5n34&t=44s&ab_channel=GARPAN

Conference "Marie-Reine-du-Monde : the esotericism of religious heritage in Quebec ", during the First esoteric congressue of montreal (15 April 2017) :

Conference "Hieroglyphics: between obscenity and esotericism ", at the St-Jean-Baptiste bookseller, Quebec (5 December 2013) :

Conference "How do you recognize a gnosis: the tomb-book of Thutmose III ", evening of conferences on "Gnosis and Tradition", to Montreal (13 December 2011) :

Conference "The mystique of our ancestors", conference evening in Montreal (18 June 2010) :

Conference "The preservation of the cultural heritage of the Marian shrine of Mont Saint-Joseph in Saint-André-Avellin" (9 September 2009) :

Main conferences and speeches on UFOs

Press conference «UFO / PAN: International Community of Academic and Civilian UFO Researchers Responds to United States Government, at the Pentagon & au UAP Task Force », with 30 participants (21 August 2021) :

Speech "Response to the Government of the United States"(21 August 2021) :

Organization and animation of 2020 Canadian Ufology Summit (21 participants), (15 November 2020) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IldRuWcKZk0&t=929s&ab_channel=GARPAN

Conference "Homage to Jean Casault: pioneer of ufology in Quebec » (30 November 2019) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aRZ1a-PZk4&ab_channel=GARPAN

Conference "For a responsibility for research in ovniology", during the conference From experience to science (21 September 2019) :

Opening speech and press conference of 2and Canadian International Symposium on UFO Research ‘From experience‘ to science ’ (27 October 2018) :

Speech "Fifty years of ufology in Quebec (1966-2016) », during the 3and UFO Congress in Montreal (7 October 2016) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WscCSsfXK0w&t=233s&ab_channel=GARPAN

Conference "The presence of UFOs in Quebec: what you need to know to understand ", to Montreal (13 February 2013) :

UFO books

From experience to science. Conference proceedings of 2and Canadian International Symposium on UFO Research, 27-28 October 2018, ed. And. Vadnais, Quebec, Garpan, 2021, 620 p.

Fifty years of civil UFO Quebec (1966-2016), Quebec, Garpan, 2016, 121 p.

Illustrated Catalog of Canadian Ground Trace Cases (RR2), Quebec, Garpan, 2016, 117 p.

Essay on the constitution of ufology in Quebec and Canada, including statistical study Canadian UFO Survey "UFOs in Canada: 25 years of UFO reports (1989-2013) », Quebec, Garpan, 2016, 137 p.

 • The Humanoid Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec, Garpan, 2015, 178 p. ; co-written with Tobi Guillemette.

 • The Humanoid St. Zeno. RR3 a "high-tech" and moving, Quebec, Garpan, co-written with T. Guillemette, 2014, 325 p.

 • Investigate UFOs for understanding our reality. Forty cases of Quebec (1973-2013), Quebec, Garpan, 2014, 225 p.


UFOs in Canada, 25 years of UFO reports (1989-2013), by Canadian UFO Survey, in: Essay on the constitution of ufology in Quebec and Canada, Garpan, 2016, 137 p.  • The new Science, by Wilbert B. Smith, Garpan, 2015, 145 p.
 • The Wall of Light, par Arthur Matthews et Nikola Tesla, Garpan, 2015, 350 p.

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