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Balance sheet 2013

After two years of existence, the Support and Research Group GARPAN took what the consistency and now has an extended team. From 2012, it is more 120 cas nous that UFOs...


The 12 GARPAN the best UFO case 2013

Year 2013 was crucial to the emergence of the new group of UFO investigation in what the GARPAN, and it was a great success ! After good year 2012 where we collected and studied...


UFOs to Monts Valin ? (Saguenay-Lac St-Jean)

Nocturnal Lights (LN), Monts VALIN, summer 1997, 01h30 AM Transcription by MATTON Audrey and VADNAIS Y. TEMOIN : – The second observation, it was summer 1997, late June to early July, because we went outside it...