Author: Yann Vadnais

Catalogue 2020 from Garpan Publishing

Télécharger le « Catalogue 2020 des Éditions Garpan » en PDF : Boutique en ligne des Éditions Garpan : Offrez des livres à vos amis et familiers ! Merci de nous encourager,

Balance sheet 2019 of reported UFO Quebec

The Review of reports of UFOs in Quebec 2019 was directed by three ufology groups active in our province : GARPAN, Parallel area (Carole LAUZÉ) et ADIPAN (Jean-François PRIMEAU). Download the "...

Next event GARPAN in Quebec, 21 September 2019

The next GARPAN the event will take place at Laval University, Quebec, Saturday 21 September, 18h00.Ce to be the "third evening conference on the history of memory" of which the following schedule...


Next 'UFO Dinner Quebec’ : 27 April 2019

Next "UFO Dinner Québec", Saturday 27 April, at 17:30 :"The idea and the reality of contact 'extraterriens'", pair Martin Janta-Polckzinski (M.Sc. Mathematical, Ph.D. Social Computing and Science)...