The investigation of the humanoid CHAUVEAU Park and "professionalism in ufology"

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  1. Bernard Poulin says:

    Those unusual manifestation Humanoide…So much so that your investigations Garpan this UFO case relevant have their very raison d'être. Thank you to you!

  2. Vicky says:

    Unfortunately, it is easier, for the human brain, deny the unknown that open up to him. Secondary, we go there often. I heard some “incidents” told about this place. This tree (particularly), has always left me with a weird feeling. Being young, it was sometimes difficult to judge whether it was true or if it was a bad shot another young, even our imagination. Today, people are a little more open to unexplained phenomena, but many still mistakenly believe that if it is not scientifically proven, does not exist. My scientific mind tells me that it is not because something is not proven that it does not exist. It is probably for this reason that scientists use the terms “beyond a reasonable doubt” rather than “certainty”, because certainty can not be expressed as a function of known factors, but there may be some unknown factors that could alter the outcome.

  3. idiolarma says:

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