– has collaborated with about twenty employees since 2012 ;
– treated 450 Reported from 2012 ;
– has published 10 UFO books ;
– translated three Canadian ufologists (Wilbert B. Smith, Arthur Matthews and Chris Rutkowski) ;
– has published over 8 hours of testimony by video-d & rsquo format; investigation.
– organized the 2th Canadian International Symposium on UFO Research in 2018
and edited them Conference papers (620 p.) in 2021.

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As "Group & rsquo; assistance and research" on the phenomena associated with UFOs, we respect a code of ethics to witnesses and promise confidentiality of their identity. Le GARPAN (or Garpan editions) is a registered company (no. 2270686654) :


For more information about our services, conferences, training and activities, write us at :

To contact an investigator, write to :

Direction GARPAN :

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Yann VADNAIS (Quebec, Montreal)

GARPAN Directorate and Garpan editions.
Cumulative +70 investigations.
A processed over 450 UFO notifications for GARPAN.
Researcher in the history of ideas and literary etiology.

Memberships Skeptics Quebec (from 2016)

CV UFO Yann Vadnais, GARPAN (2009-2021)

Investigations Works (7)ConferencesVideo-d & rsquo; investigation (41)



B.Q. (Montreal)

Direction GARPAN – Webmaster
Optimizer and guardian Site.
Has contributed to the deployment of French pioneers UFO websites (2003 to 2022).

Contributors :


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Editor, transcriber and computer graphics.
Research and survey analysis for GARPAN.

Author :
Flying saucers sit at the table » (2014, 190 p.)

Co-author :
L & rsquo; humanoid St. Zeno, A close encounter "high tech" and moving (2014, 325 p.)
The humanoid Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac (2015, 178 p.)



Guillaume LAMOTHE (Capitale-Nationale)

Fascinated by the paranormal since childhood, it is particularly passionate about everything that relates to ufology.
He has a keen interest in the mystery of cattle mutilations, the strangeness of men in black
and distressing absurdity of the behavior of certain entities observed in a RR3.
A graduate in literary studies at UQAM, he is currently in Quebec linguistic reviewer.

See an investigation of Guillaume : Case of the bell of St. Augustine (winter 1981)

Julie BÉLANGER (Montreal)

Investigatrice et transcriptrice.

Serena L. (Capitale-Nationale)

Investigatrice et transcriptrice.

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