– has collaborated with about twenty employees since 2012 ;
– treated 450 Reported from 2012 ;
– has published 10 UFO books ;
– translated three Canadian ufologists (Wilbert B. Smith, Arthur Matthews and Chris Rutkowski) ;
– has published over 8 hours of testimony by video-d & rsquo format; investigation.

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As "Group & rsquo; assistance and research" on the phenomena associated with UFOs, we respect a code of ethics to witnesses and promise confidentiality of their identity. Le GARPAN (or Garpan editions) is a registered company (no. 2270686654) :


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Direction GARPAN :

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Yann VADNAIS (Quebec, Montreal)

GARPAN Directorate and Garpan editions.
Cumulative +70 investigations.
A processed over 450 UFO notifications for GARPAN.
Researcher in the history of ideas and literary etiology.

Memberships Skeptics Quebec (from 2016)

CV UFO Yann Vadnais, GARPAN (2009-2021)

Investigations Works (7)ConferencesVideo-d & rsquo; investigation (41)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe alt attribute of this image is empty, his file name is Steve-Zuniga-994x1024.jpg.

Steve ZUNIGA (Capitale-Nationale)

Technical director Garpan.
investigator from 2015.



B.Q. (Montreal)

Direction GARPAN – Webmaster
Optimizer and guardian Site.
Has contributed to the deployment of French pioneers UFO websites (2003 to 2010).

Contributors :


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Editor, transcriber and computer graphics.
Research and survey analysis for GARPAN.

Author :
Flying saucers sit at the table » (2014, 190 p.)

Co-author :
L & rsquo; humanoid St. Zeno, A close encounter "high tech" and moving (2014, 325 p.)
The humanoid Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac (2015, 178 p.)


Julie BÉLANGER (Montreal)

Investigatrice et transcriptrice.


Yves Michel Henuset (Montreal, Laval)

B.Sc. chemistry, geology, M.Sc.A. metallurgical engineering

Member of the Fairy Investigation Society (FIS).



John Smith (Montérégie)

Investigator. corrector.



Guillaume LAMOTHE (Capitale-Nationale)

Fascinated by the paranormal since childhood, it is particularly passionate about everything that relates to ufology.
He has a keen interest in the mystery of cattle mutilations, the strangeness of men in black
and distressing absurdity of the behavior of certain entities observed in a RR3.
A graduate in literary studies at UQAM, he is currently in Quebec linguistic reviewer.

See an investigation of Guillaume : Case of the bell of St. Augustine (winter 1981)


Graphic designers and Transcribers :

Benoit Brouillette-2012

Benedict BROUILLETTE (Montreal)

Graphic designer for GARPAN.
Captivated and fascinated by the UFO phenomena since the age of 13 years.
Keen on Space Research, d’astronomie, Photography, climatology since the 1970s′.