Map of RR2 Canada

If card ground traces (RR2) Canada between 1880 and 2010.
196 case

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The GARPAN is proud to offer this unique instrument research ufology to the Canadian and international UFO community.
If you use images of this card, please quote reference indicating :

The GARPAN is proud to offer this usefull instrument to research in ufology to the community of ufologists of Canada and worldwide.
If you use some images of this map, please mention the source : GARPAN,

The information and investigative images of each case are not displayed, but are found in this book :


Catalogue case ground traces (RR2) from Canada
Yann Vadnais & co.

Illustrated, 117 p.
Format 8,5 x 11 po

Price : 30 $ + shipping


An english version is coming soon !


Discover the features of the card !
If traces of ground in Quebec and Ontario with the map "Hybrid" and the pins :
1961-1965 ; 1966-1970 ; 1971-1975 ; 1976-1980.


Card case RR2 Canada with statistical groupings

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