The GARPAN ufology offers training for 4th consecutive year !

instructors : Yann Vadnais et Jean-François Primeau + Visiting professors !

S & rsquo; register :, or call 581-307-7726.



Plan during the Summer Training 2017, taking place in Montreal and Quebec, June-August :

Formations GARPAN.4

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Each month in’Université Laval :
The first Friday of each month, presentation & rsquo; a UFO conference in & rsquo; s event’Religion-experimental Richard Glenn de, in & rsquo; Université Laval, Sainte-Foy.

Training ufology :

Sans titrety


Certificate Dana SCULLY

Conferences videos available

"The presence of UFOs in Quebec", Verdun, February 2013 ; Montreal, March 2013.
"The Garpan and training in ufology", UFO supper of AQU in Montreal, February 2013. (Paranoize,
"The UFOs of Quebec", International UFO Congress in Montreal UFO-401, 31 May 1he June 2014.
"Epistemology of UFOs", Religion-experimental, Quebec, June 2014.
"The ontology of UFOs : », Religion-experimental, Quebec, July 2014.
"From the mythological UFO", Religion-experimental, Quebec, August 2014.
"RR3 and RR5 of Garpan", Religion-experimental, Quebec, September 2014.
"I contacted and Qabalist : Rabbi Hayim Luzzatto Moise ', Religion-experimental, Quebec, October 2014.
"Review of UFO books Quebec (1962-2015), Religion-experimental, Quebec, December 2014 – January 2015 – February 2015.
"Solar system and speculation I : Ceres and Pluto ", Religion-experimental, Quebec, March 2015.
"Qabalist contacted and II : "The square of the Righteous» », Religion-experimental, Quebec, April 2015.
"UFO Events Quebec / 'UFO' Congress identified UFO401 ", Religion-experimental, Quebec, more 2015.
"Scientific method in recognition of ufology", International UFO Congress in Montreal UFO-501, 23-24 more 2015.
"The secret laboratory of Nikola Tesla in Quebec", Religion-experimental, Quebec, June 2015.
"The Quebec contacted Robert Leclerc and 'Plutonian'", Religion-experimental, Quebec, July 2015.
"Arthur Matthews and 'Venusians'", Religion-experimental, Quebec, August 2015.
"The phenomenological turning of ufology", Religion-experimental, Quebec, September 2015 – October 2015.

Radio programs available online
UFO-Conscience, 13 September 2013 : "The meetings 3th Type in Quebec ", Olivier Sedona, France, 73 min.
UFO-Conscience, 6 June 2014 : "The case of St. Zeno : a meeting of 3th type », Olivier Sedona, Marc and Alain L. Gray, France, 66 min.
OVNI-SHOW, 13 February 2013 : Summary of the year 2012, Jean Lavergne and Patrice Ratia, Shawinigan. 45 min..
OVNI-SHOW, 5 February 2014 : Summary of the year 2013, Jean Lavergne, Shawinigan, 45 min.
OVNI-SHOW, 13 April 2015 : Commission of Inquiry into the operations of UFOs in Quebec, Jean Lavergne, Shawinigan.

ODHTv (UFO in history), February 2013 : Summary of the year 2012, Gilles Thomas, France.
ODHTv (UFO in history), February 2014 : Summary of the year 2013, Gilles Thomas, France.
BOB TELLS YOU ALL THE TRUTH, 7 more 2015 : "Investigate UFOs to understand our reality", Yves Carra, France, 60 min.
ODHTv (UFO in the & rsquo; history), August 2015 : Summary of the year 2014 + testimony of a removal, Gilles Thomas, France.
BOB TELLS YOU ALL THE TRUTH, 21 September 2015 : "The Wall of Light, par Nikola Tesla et Arthur Matthews », Bob Bellanca, France, 60 min.

February to March The GARPAN made headlines four local newspapers in Quebec :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Express Drummondville 1

Activities and Accomplishments 2013

11 March, quebec 1 way32







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