Map cases investigated

Note that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; d & rsquo not act; a map of "UFO reports", but d & rsquo; a relevant UFO cases investigated by the card GARPAN.

Click the link below the images to watch the video or read the article of inquiry associated with each case.

Number of cases investigated or treated by GARPAN :

2012-2014 : 208
2015 : 65


Directory Garpan : statistical analysis of UFO observations and meetings / humanoids, 208 case.
240 p., richly illustrated.
by GARPAN, Professional civil Ufology Investigation.




Online store GARPAN editions
Investigate UFOs for understanding our reality, Forty cases of Quebec (1973-2013)
225 p., illustrated.
Yann Vadnais & co.


Paper orthotenic positional analysis of reports of UFO events :
We highlight here the work of our predecessors.

Map prepared by Marc Leduc and Jean Vézina, in the works :

UFO-Québec, no. 19, 20, 21/22, 23 (1980)
Application of & rsquo; orthoteny to Quebec comments (
Checking the persistence of orthotenic network for the period 1978-84 (1986).


Network Map orthotenic according to researchers ML. & J.V., UFO-Québec no.20 (1980).


Detail of the intersection of orthoténiques Lines ML researchers. & J.V., UFO-Québec, no. 20 (1980).


Commentary Rutkowski French

Obtain the Balance sheet 2014 : 89 If d & rsquo; observations and encounters UFOs / humaNoida. Free !

Site du Canadian UFO Survey which recognizes Canadian statistics from UFO 1989.

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