Top Ten authors of the & rsquo; ufology Quebec (1969-2013)

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  1. Annie Thériault says:

    Excellent representation of the various authors who have contributed to the development of ufology Quebec..

    A.Thériault, UFO and paranormal researcher

  2. Hello Yann and GARPAN,
    Before 1969, there has been a UFO in Quebec ?
    You were a pioneer in the person of C.R.. Potvin, in relation to France with Marc Thirouin , René Fouéré, Alfred Nahon in Switzerland.
    he published (or : he did publish with us) “Letters of Canada” (1958 -1960) : compilation of texts from C.R.. Potvin and “extracts” : Excerpts from Anglophone journals translated by C.R.. Potvin (1958 -1960).
    We have recovered in many archives we saved, These documents are available at National Archives, in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, near Paris.
    Gilles Durand
    SEAL / Archives UFO

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