Publication of "Illustrated catalog of cases of ground traces (RR2) from Canada "

By publishing this first Illustrated catalog of ground traces (RR2) from Canada, the Garpan editions make up for a great lack for researchers of the Canadian ufology. Bringing together dozens of images and archival photographs, presented exclusively in color, This book summarizes 199 If ground traces (RR2) associated with UFOs. Unpublished photos published in large format (8,5 x 6,5 po) first !

Including Sainte-Marie-de-Monnoir (pictures transmitted by the RCMP Christian Page), Baldwin, Franckfurt, the Wanting, Meath, Île-aux-Allumettes (Archives Henry McKay), Manitou Island (NOUFORS Michel Deschamps), and other rare documents (through archival work Donald Cyr, de Chris Rutkowski du Canadian UFO Survey, d’UFO-Québec), etc..


illustrated catalog of cases of ground traces (RR2) from Canada
Vadnais par Yann et co.

Illustrated, 119 pages
Format 8,5 x 6,5 po

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Listen to her Presentation Yann Vadnais at CREATED Club Richard Glenn on Experimental Religion !


A reference book with contributions from many ufologists. An excellent achievement through :



Card of 199 If ground traces Canada (1880-2010) !



41 (2)

33 (13)

46 a





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